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09/03/18 - I discovered a wonderful podcast "She Explores". I was never an outdoorsy kind of gal. My parents are first generation immigrants from Mexico whose goal during my childhood was survival. My father worked hard as a gardener and had a gift for working with nature, any seed he planted and all plants and blades of grass grew around him. I was very much a city person. It wasn't until 2016, when I was making plans to go to Las Vegas after a co-worker suggested that I go to Zion National Park, that that part of my life opened up. I planned the trip to Zion for months, hiked at Griffith Park to prepare and googled what gear and supplies I needed. I found myself at Zion National Park in October 2016. It has been my very best, most transforming experience ever.

I am a late bloomer. There are moments of shame that I didn't have the ability and courage to explore life and the world when I was younger however I work on letting go of self-judgment by gently reminding myself that my "younger years" were about healing, surviving and creating a safe stable world for myself. The last couple of years have been about change and leaping to places I needed to be in order to live the life I want. Now it's about reconnecting with Nature and Mother Earth. "She Explores" fuels me to walk, hike and spend time in Nature. My next blog will focus on connecting with the Spirits of Nature and Mother Earth and my awesome experiences at Zion.

08/17/18 - My Monthly Drum & Journey Circle is tomorrow night at Light On Lotus. I have a few people who tentatively RSVP'd but we'll see. I am slowly but steadily gaining attention and interest. I applied to have a vendor table at the Mar Vista Art Walk on Thursday 09/06/18 from 6pm - 10pm. I had a vendor table for the March 2018 MV Art Walk and I had a lot of fun selling my essential oil blends and crystal candle manifestation kits/grids. I am still working full time as a Social Worker. I settled into my SW job and I feel the energy and motivation to spend more time on my OPSP. I feel joy and excitement when I think about focusing on social media, developing a newsletter, creating a logo and perhaps revising my website. September is also a busy month because I begin attending a monthly women's healers group with Janet Rodriguez plus a FSS Workshop in Santa Barbara and a workshop with Laura Beann in Santa Rosa. I'm a big believer in healer heal thyself therefore I'm pursuing acupuncture with Rachel Orselli and sound bath energy healing with Love La Mer. I am surrounded by awesome women healers! Namaste and dreams do come true so please do not give up.

06/23/18 - I have great news! I spoke with Kate at Light On Lotus and I am able to use her yoga studio for my next Drum Circle. The next OPSP Monthly Drum & Journey Circle is scheduled for Saturday August 18, 2018 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. It is open to all adults, donations welcome but not required, and please contact me if you are interested.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you notice that I am expressive and vocal about my social justice beliefs. My parents are first generation immigrants from Mexico and I am a firm believer in advocacy and exercising my rights. I am a Shamanic Practitioner but also a Social Worker and a 2nd generation immigrant US Citizen who believes in making this world a better place for all. Namaste.

06/10/18 - I am enjoying seeing my Observation Point Shamanic Practice clients on weekends but I do miss seeing clients during the week. I am in the process of organizing a new Monthly Drum & Journey Circle that will hopefully start either in July or August 2018 and will be open to all adults. I am currently doing a manifesting health & wellness crystal ritual for myself. I am a believer in manifesting but I also believe in doing the work and going with the process. My goal for this month is to put more time and energy into my business and finances. Please contact me if I can be of any help or you have any questions. Namaste.

04/11/18 - I start my full-time Social Work job later this month. My path suddenly changed and I accept what the Universe sends me. I will focus on building my practice and getting my finances in order. I am super excited about my new job since it is what I prayed for. I learned the hard way that when manifesting and asking for answered prayers that I must be specific. Later this month I am also attending a workshop with Laura Beann in Santa Rosa CA. Please note that at this time I can only see clients on weekends and some evenings. Sorry for any inconvenience. Namaste.

03/26/18 - My maternal uncle was a curandero and my mother exposed me to Curanderismo growing up. I felt drawn to Shamanism during my undergraduate art therapy class when my professor, who had a PhD in Psychology, shared that she drove weekly to San Francisco to study Shamanism (I now assume it was with the Foundation For Shamanic Studies). She was such a bright beautiful soul that her story stayed with me for years. I was at a crossroads the summer of 2014 when I felt called to look for a Shaman in California. When I found Laura Beann in Napa after a Google search I felt safe with her because she was also a social worker. Since that summer I have worked with Laura in individual healing sessions, phone sessions and I have attended her workshops. My heart, mind, body and soul needed the shamanic healing. I cannot tell you how much I have been transformed since starting with Laura. I still feel stuck at times and I need to remember to surrender and trust my Spirit Helpers however I now have a joyful rich life. I am so very hopeful about my present and future which allows me to give more of myself to my family, friends, clients and community. Be smart about it but listen to your inner voice and follow the call.

02/09/18 - The current break between social work jobs brings me joy. My next job, a part-time job that will allow me to focus more time and energy on building my shamanic practice, begins in early April 2018. Right now I spend this mini-break focusing on my family, homework to develop my Reiki and shamanic skills and on building my tribe. The work I've put into manifesting and vision building these past 6 months is showing results which helps me financially. My dreams speak to me again offering guidance so that I don't get stuck in fear. I gently explore my dreams for answers when I wake up. I'm very frugal and mindful of how I use my finances however I use self-awareness to not slip into a sense of deprivation or anxiety. I truly understand that the Universe provides me with what I need when I need it. Whenever I start losing my way gratitude reminds me that I'm okay.

01/28/18 - This Wednesday is my last day at the hospital. I feel as if a chapter is ending but the second half of the book is starting. I remember waking up a few days ago with excitement, feeling as if I would never have enough time on this earth to do everything that called out to me. I am a late bloomer. I am deeply grateful that I arrived at a point in my life where I love my life and feel incredibly hopeful regardless of what is happening around me. My commitment to social justice and animal welfare are part of my shamanic life, the shamanic practitioner seems born from the social worker.

Today I changed my rates, see that tab. I am looking forward to the people I will meet in my shamanic practice.

01/11/18 - It is hard to believe that 2017 came and went. I look back fondly on the past year. It was certainly challenging but I feel that I achieved so much. From really becoming the woman I was born to be and starting my Observation Point Shamanic Practice, I took risks and did not allow my fears to stop me. My Spirit Helpers instructed me to open my "Store" on my website so please feel free to browse. Sometimes I don't understand why they tell me to do certain things but I trust them so I take the  leap forward. I'm still surprised when it always works out and for the best. My Women's Circle is slowly coming together. I'll surrender it and know it'll be what it is meant to be when the time is right. I resigned from my hospital job because it was wearing me down and preventing me from building my practice. With energy and passion, I surrender to the Universe and know my Spirit Helpers will guide me to success and stability. Namaste and Happy New Year.

11/05/17 - I am organizing the "Women's Monthly Drum & Journey Circle" that is scheduled to begin on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at Light On Lotus in Mar Vista. I decided to focus on women only because as our society continues to struggle with its attitude and treatment towards women, women need a safe place where growth and healing are encouraged and supported. In my experience, nothing is more powerful than a connected committed group of women.

Following up on my dreamwork, I journaled my dreams for a few weeks and earlier this week I felt it was time to stop the dream work for now. I have always been a vivid dreamer and it can be a bit exhausting. The way I do my dream work is that when I wake up and I remember a dream that feels significant, I quickly take notes on my cell phone because of the light and it is near me. I then return to sleep and I do not check email or social media. The next day I transfer my dream notes to my journal. A lot of times as I transfer the notes to my journal I do not remember the dream. I recommend that you do not overanalyze and do not interpret everything as a symbol. I tend to be able to get a general sense of the message of the dream and what some of the symbols are telling me. This past dreamwork was about releasing fears, anxiety and past cords. The release and removal of these connections now allow me to move forward and focus on healing. So now I turn back to Nicki Scully's golden cauldron spirit animal exercises for guidance.

10/07/17 - It has been several weeks since I last posted on my blog. I felt compelled to take a break and focus on my mother's health and on my family. I love my shamanic work but understand that space is needed at times. Right now I am called to do some of my own dreamwork which will be an adventure. Due to the sense of constant crises around us I decided to lower my fees in case it helps others. I decided not to do the workshop this month and instead I will focus on individual clients. Blessings and it will be okay.

08/12/17 - I spend more time on social media as a way of building my shamanic practice, especially Instagram. Sometimes life appears very simplistic in terms of think it and it becomes manifested. I've seen a lot of victimization and suffering as a Social Worker; a great part of the journey for many of us is waiting for it to get better, healing, moving forward, and carefully building the best self and life possible. I'm finally following my passion and having fun after years of focusing on security and stability. However, I continue to work at a job with a steady paycheck and benefits because I am realistic that it will take time to build my practice. The Universe has very clearly told me that I will have a successful shamanic practice if I work very hard for it. It's not about the low hanging fruit, it's about creative ways to get to what is at the very top. 

07/29/17 - At this time I am working on establishing my shamanic private practice while improving my shamanic skill set. My Spirit Helpers can sometimes communicate with me very clearly and at times I feel as if I am alone in the dark. I have learned to stay with the present and then I am able to quickly find my way back to knowing how to proceed. I have found an amazing group of people who are lights. Right now I am working on manifesting what I want and this journey is a lot of fun. More on that later.

Connie Muñoz, LCSW

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner


connie MuÑoz, lcsw, MSW

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